Lots of learning from reading this -

- If you cannot fit the plan into a sheet of paper, it is not simple enough!

- Find a right mentor!

- Mutual respect and criticize each other

Airbnb - My favorite startup, Brian Chesky - My idol. Great to hear how Brian Chesky grows Airbnb into next stage. I have the same belief, it’s the total hospitality experience that matters, not renting house itself. I believe airbnb would become the great hospitality brand under Brian’s leadership.

Happiness Everyday: Food & Dine Festival 2012

Surprisingly, mom is interested in the festival (Potential customers are not only young adults, but everyone!) and therefore we went there today. 

Thanks for the perfect weather, it was still very comfy and enjoyable joining the festival in the crowd. This year, the whole venue was divide into 5 area with different themes (Bordeaux, Italian, New Product, Ridel Grand Tasting, Wine Culture).

The newly added Sweet Pavilion was my mom’s target. Unfortunately, it disappointed us. Snack for wine (i.e. ham, cheese) was great! A ham set costed only HKD 30! It was soooo good that we brought 2 extra set and 1 cheese set back home. 

The festival is definitely perfect for people who like wine. Each glasses of wine costed HKD 10 - 20 only. Where else can you get such a good deal? Next year, I will come back to drink! :)

Happiness Everyday: Awesome Tai O With White Dolphins!

This is the first time we went hunting for dolphins. Luckily! We saw them!!! Super lucky & happy! :)

Everything on Lantau Island - Tai O (Eastern Venice), Ngong Ping, Big Buddha is so much difference from the city center of Hong Kong! Really love Tai O - it still preserve the culture, neighborhood of the a fishermen village! Really lovely! 

Besides of seeing white dolphins, we met a very nice “egg roll” stall owner and he treated us some nice egg rolls! Thanks nice Uncle! :)

After having good fun in Tai O, headed to Big Buddha by taxi (taxi is cheaper than bus if you have a party of 3!). The wind up there was surprisingly chilly! Is this really July in Hong Kong?

Finally, headed back to Tung Chung by the cable car and ended our day at the outlet mall. 

A super awesome and lucky day! Tired, but super awesome! :D

Love Tai O! :) 

P.S. There are now 2 bnb in Tai O! Interesting to see this fishermen village evolving into a more and more vibrant place for travelers! Wanna try the bnb!

Happiness Everyday: A Beautiful Monday - Tsim Sha Tsui

One of the nicest ways to enjoy Tsim Sha Tsui on a beautiful afternoon - Ride on Star Ferry. Then walk along the harbor. From Ferry terminal to the Star Avenue. Enjoyed the nice walked with soft breeze, golden sun, and very importantly - a lot less people compared with a weekend! 

Love Victoria Harbor! Awesome Tsim Sha Tsui!

Happiness Everyday: Lovely Stanley

Stanley is one of my favorite places for a weekend getaway in Hong Kong with nice beaches, interesting market, and good food. :)

Arrived Stanley at 4pm (this is the best time to go the Stanley Main Beach - 1) The sunshine is mild; 2) People start leaving so it would not be too crowded). Bought some drinks and snack from Waston and headed to Stanley beach for a nap. This is the most awesome nap! A nap with soft breeze and sound of wave. It’s heaven! Eventually I didn’t read the book I brought since it was too comfortable that a nap cannot be avoided at any costs. :)

After enjoying the beach, we went through the market and headed to King Ludwig at Murray House for dinner. Finished off the lovely day with German beer, salad, farmer roll, and pork knuckle. (the restaurant not as great as before, but still good)

What a relaxing day! LOVELY! 

Happiness Everday: Cycling Fun at Tai Mei Tuk

Tai Mei Tuk is the best place for cycling in Hong Kong. There are both easy and difficult routes for cyclists to choose from. 

Easy Route - Water Dam of Plover Cove Reservoir

Hard Route - From Tai Mei Tuk to Luk Keng, the border between Hong Kong & Shenzhen 

We chose the hard route to avoid the crowd of the Easter holiday. However it had so many uphills that we did not manage to finish it. We could only finish 3/4 of it. Next time when we have trained up our body for the summer, we will concur this route once again!

I love Tai Mei Tuk, the heaven of outdoor activities in Hong Kong! There are so many fun things to do there - 

  • Cycling (Done)
  • Hiking (Done)
  • HK Style BBQ (Done)
  • Fishing
  • Flying A Kite (Done)
  • Rowing A Boat (Done)
  • Digging Clams 

Awesome Place!

Happiness Everyday: The Peak, Hong Kong

Being on the Peak makes one feel like the King of Hong Kong! Everything is under my feet! Yay! :)

Happiness Everyday: Hong Kong Exploration - Lei Yue Mun

Lei Yue Mun  - One of the most famous places for seafood in Hong Kong!

Instead of going to have seafood, we went there before lunch hour to see her quiet side. It’s a simple and peaceful village with no excessive facilities. A few things that impressed me the most - 

  1. Strong & Safe Neighborhood
    A little boy (around 4 years old) rode his little bike all by himself without the accompany of any adults. I heard his dad telling him to play around himself as the dad headed back home for lunch. He seemed was not worried about his little boy will be hurt by himself (he could have felt into the sea) or by strangers. It must mean it’s very safe inside this village. Everyone help looking after each other. 

    I can barely see little kids playing outside all by themselves these days.

  2. Old Stores Selling Local Hong Kong Snacks
    There were a few old strongs selling local snacks. Felt very original Hong Kong! Love these unique shops. Hope HK will not be concurred by branded shops..
  3.  Interesting Flower! Like a bell

  4. Victoria Harbor is So Narrow!
    It felt like I could swim to the HK Island from here. No more landfill please!

Explore Hong Kong More! Awesome! :)

Happiness Everyday: Ocean Park

Good fun visiting Ocean Park! The weather suddenly became very nice once we arrived! Yeah! :)

So many new things since I last visited. The park now has a lot more sections. The new aquarium looks smaller than before but its new design is quite nice. Thrilled mountain, the new ride, is really exciting! I love it! 

Surprisingly, there were not many people on Sunday! Most of the rides only took me less than 10 minutes to line up. LUCKY! :)

Happiness Everyday: Vaccination for India

Took 3 shots (Hepatitis A, Typhoid, Inactivated Poliomyelitis) at the Department of Health. It costed HKD 680. Not bad. 

Final Item Left for India - Visa Pick Up